Tuesday, September 4, 2012


MERMAID PICTURES:  Girls, I have some beautiful mermaid pictures posted but they are in dissaray!!!  I can't figure out how to list them neat and all ligned up.  No, I am not wonderful with a computer.  While I am not a genius, I am also not an idiot.  I like to think that I linger somewhere between the two;) 

Dial M For Mermaid welcomes artist Maigan Lynn to our blog.  Maigan is a delightful artist and person.  You can find a couple pictures of her art by clicking on Mermaid Pictures.


MERMAIDS:  Become a member of Dial M For Mermaid, contribute something worthwhile weekly, and I will print your favorite mermaid picture of you, of course, onto a fabric quilt block FOR FREE! YES A FREE FABRIC QUILT BLOCK IN YOUR MERMAID SCALES.  Bribery?  Of course, but sweet, yes?  In the event you don't know what to do with an 8 x 8 or maybe 8 x 10 (depends on how good you are) fabric block, just ask me.  They are so simple to use.  They require not talent - I have already done that in printing for you.  When does this begin?  It starts right this second and will end October 31,2012.****THERE WILL BE ONE WINNER.  ALL NAMES WILL GO INTO THE POT.  MY GRANDDAUGHTER WILL PICK A NAME AND YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED.****


The following poster was designed by Kae Leah Williamson.  I am impressed and wanted to share it with you.  Way to go Kae-Leah!

Mermaid Poster Designed by Kae-Leah Williamson

 Dial M For Mermaid has a new member!  We are excited to have Paula Smiley.  Paula is very sweet and so real.  I welcome you Paula and your input here.  Thank you for joining Dial M For Mermaid!