Monday, November 19, 2012


What do you ladies do with your fabric blocks?  I would love to see some of your art.  If you will email me pictures, with your names, I will post them to show off your art.  I have been busy printing many new quilting fabric block designs.  Some are fairies and mermaids.  Others are for Christmas.  I am going to post a few pictures below to give you some examples of a few of my new fabric blocks.  My store is located on Etsy.  Check out my Etsy store.  I have about 200 designs listed and am working on many more.  Also, I own Fabric Block website.  My store there is not launched yet.  I hope within two months that have that store ready.  What you can find on Fabric Block is 100 of my most beautiful and rare quilting fabric blocks that you will not find elsewhere.  Last but not least, I own Vintage Mermaids Fabric Blocks website.  I have some nice fabric blocks listed here.  Also, you can become a member and take an active part in my blog and art and crafts forum.  I welcome you and your input.

vintage snowman sleeping by christmas candy cane
Vintage Snowman FABRIC BLOCK
christmas vintage poodle wearing santa hat
Quilting Fabric Block Christmas
vintage lady in blue wearing feathered hat
Vintage Lady Quilting Fabric Block
vintage fairies dancing in buttercup flowers
Vintage Fairy Babies Fabric Block
vintage fairies swinging from flower vines 
green tail mermaid on fabric primping
Designer Fabric Block Copyrighted
mermaids playing in water with harps
Our Mermaid Designer Fabric Block Copyrighted
I hope you have enjoyed my short presentation of fabric blocks that we print and many that we design.  You can find them between and my Etsy store:  thevintagemermaid.