Saturday, May 19, 2018


I am wondering how many mermaids watched Harry and Meghan marry today?  I was glued to the t.v.  This is the first break, other than powder room;)  that  I have taken today.  Being a romantic at heart, I could not get enough.

These two are definitely in love.  Their eyes tell that.  After reading about and hearing Harry's own words about how profoundly the death of his mum Diana affected him, I believe  Meghan is a God send for this man.  He has so much love to give and I think she does too.  They have a lot in common from childhood.  She lost her security through the divorce of her parents and he lost his with the death of Princess Di.

Finally,though.  A happy ending.  Harry and Meghan may you live long lives, have many children, and  as the  fairy tale goes, live happily ever after!

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