You will find beautiful mermaid pictures posted here.  A few of the artists I know, but I do not know most of the artists to give credit to.  PLEAS NOTE:  I do not claim to own any of the art on this page except the mermaids that I caption as mine.  Enjoy.

beautiful mermaid vintage dressed swiniging
Mermaid Gorgeous! My All Time Favorite.
mermaid mother waiting for the hatching
Mermaid Mother Waiting For The Hatching
mermaid floating in a beautiful seashell
Mermaid In  Sea Shell
mermaid dressed as the statue of liberty
Altered Art Mermaid - Cute
Mermaid in seashell floating through the stars
Mermaid Holding  A Pearl
auburn haired mermaid sleeping
Lovely Sleeping Mermaid
mermaid holding her sleeping merbaby
Vintage Mermaid Holding her Merbaby
Brunette Asian mermaid resting on coral
Mermaid Rhapsody
purple mermaid fairy flying through flower garden
Unique Mermaid Fairy - Merfairy
Love This Unusual Mermaid Silhouette
mermaid with beaded hair filled with seashells
The Hair;)
Looks Like a Vintage Mermaid

Mermaid Picture Mermaid in Black

Mermaid Picture of  a Lovely Sea Maiden

beautiful mermaids by a fish pond green fins
Mermaid Picture - Beautiful Mermaids

Vintage Mermaid - Vintage Mermaids Picture
Mermaid Pictured Watching the Ship at Sea

Blond Bombshell Mermaid Picture
Mermaids Playing With Their Nautical Friends
starbucks coffee mermaid having a cup of coffee
Cool Starbucks Coffee Mermaid Logo
mermaid raven swimming for special event modelling
Beautiful Mermaid Raven Picture
mermaid raven sunning on rocks in seaweed
Beautiful Mermaid Raven
african american mermaid
Beautiful African American Mermaid
Mermaid Pictured Resting on a Rock
Black and White Mermaid Picture
party girl mermaids dancing in the moonlight
Party Girl Mermaid Picture
mermaid primping on rocks near water
Vintage Mermaid Picture
Mermaid Sleeping
Mermaid Sleeping
Oyster Riot Grill Mermaid Sexy
merman with green fin looks like patrick swayze
Sexy Merman Picture - I Swear He Favors Patrick Swayze!!!
Beautiful Pastel Mermaid Gorgeous.  Wish I Knew the Artist.
Vintage Mermaid Fabric Block by Me - Copyrighted
Vintage Mermaid Fabric Block - By Me - Copyrighted
Vintage Christmas Mermaid Fabric Block  - By Me - Copyrighted
Vintage Mermaid Fabric Block - Copyrighted
Vintage Mermaid Fabric Block - Copyrighted
Vintage Mermaid Fabric Block - Copyrighted
venus mermaid reclining in beautiful seashell by the sea
Venus Mermaid Fabric Block - By The Vintage Mermaid - Copyrighted
Love This Beautiful Pastel Mermaid Picture
Pink Hair Mermaid Picture
OMG Mermaid Picture.  Awesome.
Cute Musical Mermaids
Lovely Sea Maiden
Mermaid Fin - Mermaid Tail TO DIE FOR!!!
Beautiful African American Mermaid
Lovely Pastel Mermaid
African American Mermaiden
Lovely African American Mermaid
Unusual Black Mermaid Picture
Beautiful Mermaid Talking With  A Snail?
The Thinker Mermaid?
Colorful Mermaid Child - Mermaid Fairy - Merfairy
DeviantArt Mermaid
Lovely Green Mermaid
Mermaid Child by Joanna Bromley
Golden Mermaid Bed - Mermaid Sofa
Sea Shell Mermaiden Lovely!
magain lynn goth mermaid mysterious look
Maigan Lynn Lovely Mermaid
Maigan Lynn Art
mermaid mother expecting her first merbaby
Maigan Lynn Mermaid Titled:  New Beginnings


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