Thursday, September 27, 2012


I have been slack posting at Dial M For Mermaid.  I have been sick.  I thought I felt better then I seemd to relapse.  So, I will soon be back to some mischief!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Mermaid Shelly dressed as a pirate
Mermaid Shelly Pirate
WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO.  Look at Mermaid Shelly!  I knew there was something very mysterious about her.  EXPOSED:  Mermaid Shelly a/k/a Shelly LaPointe is not only a mermaid but a very dangerous pirate woman!  She rides the high seas making mischief and tidal waves!!!! Beware! She is slippery and has never been caught.  Don't let her gorgeous smile deceive  you;)

Dial M For Mermaid~!

Hello mermaids.  I wonder what has been going on in the merworld lately?  I have been sick and away from my desk;)  So, that means I have not been able to engage in, stir up, or make any mischief lately.  But, I am baaaaaaaaaaaaack.  Stay tuned because you never know when you will be talked about here.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I adore this mermaid cartoon.  I found this on facebook - compliments of Mermaid Shelly.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

  Dinner for Two at the Ice Hotel, near Quebec City 
A mermaid would definitely freeze her fins off here but it is really gorgeous.  Had to share.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Her is a picture of Joe Biden with a female biker in his lap.  Wonder if she is a mermaid?  I know one thing, it is clear to me that the two bikers accompanying her, do not look  impressed!!                                                             

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


MERMAID PICTURES:  Girls, I have some beautiful mermaid pictures posted but they are in dissaray!!!  I can't figure out how to list them neat and all ligned up.  No, I am not wonderful with a computer.  While I am not a genius, I am also not an idiot.  I like to think that I linger somewhere between the two;) 

Dial M For Mermaid welcomes artist Maigan Lynn to our blog.  Maigan is a delightful artist and person.  You can find a couple pictures of her art by clicking on Mermaid Pictures.


MERMAIDS:  Become a member of Dial M For Mermaid, contribute something worthwhile weekly, and I will print your favorite mermaid picture of you, of course, onto a fabric quilt block FOR FREE! YES A FREE FABRIC QUILT BLOCK IN YOUR MERMAID SCALES.  Bribery?  Of course, but sweet, yes?  In the event you don't know what to do with an 8 x 8 or maybe 8 x 10 (depends on how good you are) fabric block, just ask me.  They are so simple to use.  They require not talent - I have already done that in printing for you.  When does this begin?  It starts right this second and will end October 31,2012.****THERE WILL BE ONE WINNER.  ALL NAMES WILL GO INTO THE POT.  MY GRANDDAUGHTER WILL PICK A NAME AND YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED.****


The following poster was designed by Kae Leah Williamson.  I am impressed and wanted to share it with you.  Way to go Kae-Leah!

Mermaid Poster Designed by Kae-Leah Williamson

 Dial M For Mermaid has a new member!  We are excited to have Paula Smiley.  Paula is very sweet and so real.  I welcome you Paula and your input here.  Thank you for joining Dial M For Mermaid!


Did everyone have a nice holiday?  I know I did.  There were lots of festivities and food. I don't know about you but I "sea" food and I eat food.  So, I blew it.  There was no calorie count here from Friday until today.  Now, I have to be good and eat right! It is back to fruit, veggies and water;) LOTS OF WATER for mermaids.

I appreciate all of the mermaids who are visiting Dial M For Mermaid.  Dial M For Mermaid is a new mermaid blog and I am proud to say I have had lots of traffic.  Now, if you mergirls would just take the time to join Dial M For Mermaid, I would really appreciate it.  It would be nice to have some company.  It can get lonely here in the deep blue!  If you have a blog also, I will be happy to join you in return.

OMG my big fat cat just jumped in my lap, clawing the meat off my hip!  Isn't he sweet to do that?  Of course he is sweet.  He just wants some love.  I am going to have to take a picture of him and post here.  He is only 7 months old and is too big for his "pants" already.  Five more months of growth before he is grown.  I will have to get a public job to feed him.  He is so big and the most gentle cat I have ever owned.  He will literally lay down for you to scratch his stomach.  That may not be an unusual thing to you but it is to me.  Any of my other cats would  like remove one of my fingers if I even looked like I was going for the tummy!

Well, I have my mermaid chores to do.  So I must make a big splash and leave this scene for now.  Again, join me at Dial M For Mermaid.  Let's have some fun;)  I love to be mischievous!  Sea ya' soon.