Picture of the Beautiful Mermaid Marla

 INTERVIEW WITH A MERMAID:  Mermaid Marla In Her Own Words:  As I fumble through my purse at the clothing check-out line, I hear a familiar phrase from my husband beside me:  "My wife, she's a mermaid!".  As I shyly glance up at the person he is now giving a mermaid business card to, I feel a sense of pride and a little shock as the girl behind the counter shouts with glee:  "OMG you're one of them!!".

Mermaiding is becoming part of a huge craze and I can't believe I happened upon it quite by accident.  After finally becoming Scuba certified 6 years ago, I found myself drawn to free-divers and their uncanny ability to hold their breath and swim gracefully with these huge monofins, which made them move like mermaids.  I remember doing a search for monofins and being completely blown away by the results that included mermaid tails?  Where had I been all these years and how had the entire universe kept these magnificent things a secret from me?  Well, I immediately started my research and quickly became familiar with the queen of mermaids, Hannah Frasier, and was hooked for good.

I went directly to the only tail maker  I could find at that time, which was The Mertailor.  I bought my first tail from him used, and now have three from him!  I have to admit I was afraid of what my family and friends would say, but luckily knowing my love to dress up at Halloween, no one thought twice when I told them I was swimming around in a mermaid tail!  Even though I'm quite a bit older than the "average" mermaid, people seem to accept me and my mermaid ways without and doubts.......I wish I had stumbled upon this world much earlier in my life, but I feel things usually happen for a reason and perhaps I wasn't ready for the transformation and all the attention it brings until now.

Becoming a mermaid has taught me a lot about myself and has helped me to bridge the gap I always felt between myself and children.  I never really knew how to speak to them, but when I'm a mermaid this world becomes a magical place where anything is possible... I get to see the world through their eyes and they get to add to  their collection of magical encounters of imagination and whimsy!