Friday, December 9, 2016


unique fried pork chop

Well, what a title for a mermaid blog.  We are supposed to eat fish, right? Well, I am a vegan mermaid so I live off seaweed HA!

Although this is a mermaid blog, mermaids are nosey and into everything on land they can be about.  They like to be in your biz and like to tell you all about theirs!  So, it is only natural that I would tell you how I fry the best pork chops for Neptune, right?

Nobody ever told me this.  I just thought it up and tried it one evening and my husband Neptune (of course;) went into  a sea spin.  He thought they were so wonderful.  Nothing fishy about this  -  just a unique way to "get er done."  So, this is the only way I fry them now.

Okay, first, of all put a little grease - tiny bit in a frying pan and brown your chops really well.  I do not use flour on them.  WHAT? That's right.  Hush and keep reading.  After browning them well, dump about 1 1/2 cups of water in the pan and put a lid on it.  Excuse the pun.  Simmer on medium heat, turning occasionally, until they are about done.  Then, take the lid off, turn heat up slightly, season (I use salt, pepper, and garlic salt), and rebrown.

Done.  This makes the best chops - they are moist, soooo tender, and taste maaaahvelous dahlinks.  By now. Splash.....................................