Sunday, July 19, 2015


Well, gee! Have you read the ebay article on fake sterling silver? I just read where dear old ebay wrote an article on how to tell the difference in real and fake sterling silver.  This would be after you buy it right?  They even tell about many of the sellers on their site selling fake sterling silver.  I don't know about you, but any ebay article on fake sterling silver when they allow these same sellers they are referring to to keep listing their fake sterling silver, makes my butt hurt.   This is just plain WRONG!!!!

I reported to ebay about fake sterling silver that I bought and do you know the rep I was talking to had the nerve to tell me perhaps I should be careful who I buy from.  What  an ass.  I told her in a huff that no that was not the case.  It was ebay who should be careful who they let sell on their site and when fraudulent sellers are reported to ebay, they should be immediately booted off.

How does an ebay article on fake sterling silver help?  Especially when they keep allowing the sellers that are selling fake sterling and even selling most of their fake sterling stamped with 925 to keep selling on ebay.  Boggles my mind.  I have lost all respect for ebay and do not care to read another ebay article on fake sterling.  If you want to read the ebay article, the link is below.  If you buy on ebay, this is worth reading but it is bull.  What good are all the articles if they don 't stop the fraud?