Thursday, July 3, 2014


Well, I have heart disease - arteries.  Guess that is what years of smoking (quit 9 months ago) and eating bad food will do for you.  It will catch up with you and come back to bite you in the butt.  So, I will continue on my vegan quest.  I have done some research and some of the damage is reversible.  I will be riding my bike every morning and afternoon too.  Wow.  Sometimes, this is what it takes to shake us up and wake us up.  I am wiiiiiiide awake now.  I will be taking extra good care of me from now on.

I will still enjoy a daily cup of coffee.  I love gourmet coffee.  So good.  

I am going to run.  I need to turn the t.v.  ID channel is getting on my last nerve.  Depressing.

I feel a lazy attack coming on.  I want to find some humor on t.v. and laugh my butt off.  I do believe the old saying laughter is the best medicine.

Later mers.