Sunday, July 6, 2014


TO THE WANNABE HACKER FROM APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA:  HA HA HA.  Gmail looks after my business very well.  You tried to sign in but did not make it did you? Don't bother to try again.  My password has been changed and will be changed very frequently.  You anger me, you creep.  Hope you had a lousy July 4th!

By the way, I have a pretty good idea who you are and I would say your first name starts with an L.  I have made gmail/google aware of you. My google accounts are being monitored very carefully.  Thank you google.  I love you google!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH DID I FORGET TO MENTION YOUR ISP?  I have seen this on my websites too.  Boy you are jealous.  Get a life, jerk!