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Artist Marlene Barnett has always loved all types of art.  She started out coloring in coloring books as a little girl. Then, being a free and independent spirit, she started choosing her own clothes to wear, arguing with mom over the issue.  She started buying her own clothes with money she earned babysitting when she was a teenager because her idea of fashion and her mother's clashed.

Marlene taught her self to sew when she was a freshman in high school.  She actually "re-made" her entire wardrobe until she graduated. This led to Marlene attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where she majored in fashion design and pattern making. After graduating from FIT, she worked as an assisted designer for a junior clothing manufacturer for a few years.  During that time, she remarried.  

When her first child was born. she stopped commuting to her job in Manhattan.  She decided to work from home as a dressmaker  while raising her two special needs sons.  She became a single parent at that time.

A few years later, after meeting and marrying a wonderful man, she decided to go back to school and received a bachelor's degree in art and education and then a masters in elementary/special education.  Completing all of this education with two special needs sons was pretty tough.

For the past five years she has been working independently with autistic children and their families in their homes through agencies.  She loves it.  Working with these children, allows her the joy of using her art, college education, and personal experience.

She had been making clothes, jewelry, and home decor for herself, family, and friends when she was encouraged two years ago to start selling.

A few examples of her work are posted below, along with links where she sells her hand made items.

In her spare time she cooks, bakes, sews, makes jewelry, goes to art museums, and reads novels and magazines.

pierced mermaid earrings

starfish mermaid anklet


I have been a Professional Artist for over 35 years and have accumulated a massive portfolio of works. I have estimated having created/painted  well over 25,000 pieces of art and it continues to expand as I seek more ways to express my creativity.
 I use every type of media on just about every surface you can paint on and there seems to be endless ideas for the next series or concept.
I am continually searching for that new and unique way to present a subject.
 My greatest love is to study and paint Wildlife, but I have never been limited to creating just one subject...Figurative and abstracts and even a series of over 300 mermaids are contained in my artistic endeavors. As well I love to work dimensionally and have created large wall sculptures from canvas, wood , plexiglass and other materials.
   Through out my life  I have had a passion for  designing clothing and jewelry  and became involved in stage ,costume and Theatre Production for a few years.
   Mastering and using an airbrush for more than 16 years I learned an entirely different approach to creating artworks and have painted well over 100 murals in my career!!
I feel that being fortunate enough to make my living by doing what I love the most is all a person could ever ask for!!
   The fact that people desire to own and display in their homes something I have created is always a wonderful and amazing thing to me! I truly am a thankful artist with  more ideas to come!!!

You can find out more about Diana's art here:

Diana Martin Etsy Shop

picture of artist diana martin
midnight aqua diana martin mermaid
Diana Martin Leopard  Copyrighted
Diana Martin Bobcat  Copyrighted
Gorgeous Tiger - Diana Martin   Copyrighted


John Krutzler is known by the name Johnny.  He was born in Oregon in 1954 and was very fortunate that  his childhood was so entwined in camping, hiking and enjoying the Oregon coast back in the 60's and 70's.  He started music lessons at the age of 3 and quickly rebelled and insisted on breaking all of the formal rules of music.  Thus, he did the same in school.  He was always an out-of-the-box thinker.  He became involved in art at the age of 10 and from that age on, never looked back.  He lived in Alaska in the 80's and then moved to Hawaii and from there to Africa.  Always into nature and always inspired by all of the rules mother nature breaks in color and texture, he was a gold prospector, musician, writer, and sales director for several large art galleries for many years.  In 2005, Johnny and his wife of 30 years, Meg,  said goodbye to their careers and started building their own home on 100 acres in Southern Colorado, surrounded by 2000 acres of high plains desert with no neighbors or telephone poles in sight.  The freedom of living off grid and with the inspiring Sangre Due Cristo Mountain Range with several 14,000 foot peaks in front of them, nature's inspiration hit him like an avalanche.  Having been a gold prospector for over 40 years also led him to acquire large collections of various quality gemstones from rock and gem shows, where he had his own booths.

His unique art quest started when he decided to adorn a buffalo skull with turquoise and other gems.  It sold at the first show and the following 12 bejewelled buffalo skulls sold out just as quickly.  Johnny's awesome, artistic imagination began to kick in and he decided to adorn a mannequin which he titled "Trixie the Pixie."  Trixie is now in a museum in Texas  Thus began his creations of pixies, fairies, mermaids, sea turtles, wizards and so forth.

He tells me that nature always has been and always will be his inspiration.  Having been blessed to have witnessed the Northern Lights in Alaska at 50 below, Moon Rise on Kauai, sunsets in Africa and the jungles of Costa Rica,  Johnny Krutzler is intrigued by every flower, bird, and insect and believes the little things in life hold the biggest miracles.

To date, he has sold over 140 one-of-a-kind gemstone, mineral and feather works of art.  All of his work comes with a certificate of authenticity and his average piece of art requires about 200 hours to complete.  His most challenging piece took over 400 hours to complete and was made using a headmount, magnifying glass, and a long pair of tweezers.

He and his wife Meg built their home using reclaimed timbers and beams.  80 percent of the home is from recycled materials.

Below are a few pictures of Johnny's home and surroundings as well as his lovely art. To find out more about his art, visit Enhancing the and enjoy viewing all of his art.